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iPad 2 Pod

I love LEGO since… well forever, I guess. It’s with me since early childhood days, and I passed the virus on to my son, who last year started to make his first steps with stop-motion animation. He handled my professional equipment so well, but for obvious reasons (I happen to need it for work) does not have access to it, whenever he would like to play around. That’s not ok. Since we own an iPad 2, we came up with an alternative solution we would like to share:


to enlarge, click on the picture

Here are the building instructions: iPad-2-Pod or in a new window/tab
Alternatively, here is the LegoDigitalDesigner-File: LDD-iPad-2-Pod (right click and „Save as“, you know)

We did also build a LEGO-3D-Rig and will post instructions and examples later this year, but first some further explanations on this one.

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Rising Hope – Berlinale 2012

I am thrilled and exited to share this piece of information with whoever stumbles over my blog – my favorite editing-job of last year has it’s premiere tomorrow at the 62. Berlinale Film Festival. Enjoy the Trailer:

Rising Hope
click on the image

In case you are in Berlin, here are the screening dates, and at least half the team (including myself) will be in person at the first screening:

13.2.2012 − 16:30 Haus der Kulturen der Welt − Kino 2
14.2.2012 − 10:00 Filmtheater am Friedrichshain
16.2.2012 − 11:00 Haus der Kulturen der Welt − Kino 2

For more information on this beautiful animated film visit the official website on the film and spread the word.