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LEGO 3D-rig for stop-motion animation

As promised earlier this year, it is about time to share our LEGO 3D rig, build out of „technic“ bricks. The only thing „non-LEGO you will need, is a base plate for your digital camera. You can use (almost) everyone from any tripod you own already, buy a new one, or order it online – like this one from Manfrotto. In the model the base plate is represented by the transparent LEGO plate „hovering“ on top.

LEGO 3D rig

to enlarge, click on the picture

Here are the building instructions: LEGO 3D rig or in a new window/tab
Or download the LegoDigitalDesigner-File: LDD 3D rig (right click and „Save as“, you know)

Now some advice and hints on the model.

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