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goodbye to five years of Xmas-mix

I won’t make another one before Christmas this year. Again. For the third year in a row, which lead me to the tough decision to call it quits. It’s no more Xmas-mix for me. What this doesn’t mean is, that there will be no jp-compiled music-mix on the year 2011. There will be, just in it’s appropriate form – e.g. I do it when the year actually is behind us, and reflecting on it, playing around with some songs and samples from movies, TV-series and whatever comes to my mind, as I did the last five years, and enjoying it. Essentially that’s what it’s always been, a look back on last year, my „cultural“ mood diary (or diarrhea?), so to speak. And let’s face it: the Christmas references have always been in the minority, haven’t they?

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