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X-Wing and T-Fighter in 8bit-LEGO-Sideways-Design

Because my last post was a rant on Star Wars (in German language only) I felt a bit bad, so I thought it would be appropriate to share something positive about the old trilogy, in LEGO. Precisely in 8bit(or „brick“ so to speak)-LEGO-Sideways-Design. This is something I enjoy doing more and more. The idea is, to build anything with the most basic bricks available, and as small as possible. And with moving parts. Or „round“ shapes. Simply everything you can imagine. That’s what an X-Wing could look like in 8BLSD:


The upper two wings are movable, like they should be.

Here are the building instructions: X-Wing version 1 or in a new window/tab or as a LegoDigitalDesigner-File: LDD-X-Wing version 1 (right click and „Save as“)

After the click some variations and the counterpart of the bad guys.

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