Walter White vs New Millenium Nazis

Breaking Bad Episode 412

Screenshot of Episode 412 from AMC’s show BREAKING BAD.

As a fan of the show and with Season 4 over, the speculations on the final 16 episodes are already all over the internet. You can read lots of great ideas (and even more not so), like for example on the AMC discussion boards themselves. Well, and reading some contributions there triggered something I want to share with the fans, the show’s staff and everybody else who might be interested.

SPOILER ALERT: bui – bui – bui…

Some people suggested, because Gus clearly must have business associates in Germany, that they would probably be really not amused about the situation with the superlab (and their great air-filter) destroyed, and payments out of schedule. So yes, there’s a chance for somebody to come and check out, what’s happening.

To put it in other words: Is Gilligan’s Island to face a Nazi invasion?

Don’t get me wrong, I am more than used to Germans being the villains. I even am German. We grew up watching movies stumbling over Nazi-villains everywhere. In fact as kids we had trouble finding someone who was willing to play the Nazi ourselves. So please try to surprise us for a change. That’s what we got to expect from a show like Breaking Bad. Don’t make it simple. But before I give you some mild suggestions, let me sum up the „German-Connection“-evidence in the show:

1) Let the name speak for itself. Gustavo Fring. Take out the „o“ and it could only be more German by adding a „s“ to the last name.

2) Chile. The forums mention Pinochett, and I point my finger to the better known „Boys From Brazil“, and the „twin„-experiments Dr. Mengele did there, or coming back to Chile, „Colonia Dignidad“ or people like Walter Rauff. Scary stuff. Let’s hope that the twin-card is not played. The cousins were enough on that matter.

3) Take the weird precision of „Gustav“-o-s behaviour as a hint for his possible over-cultural, prussian upbringing…

4) Los Pollos Hermanos. Come on, the Herman(n)s? Like in Herman(n) Munster?

5) Heisenberg. Ok, maybe a coincidence… but come on, in this show? Really? I don’t think so. Yes, it was funny for the scientist that Walt is to bring it up, but now I think it could be more than that.

Oh, and one more thing. Maybe it’s high time to contact the German feature film director who happens to be the grandson of Heisenberg, Benjamin Heisenberg – seriously. And even better: he would be perfect for Breaking Bad. Call him. Please. If you have doubts, check out his latest movie „the robber“ – I linked the subtitled trailer to his name.

6) The air-filter and it’s link to the Madrigal Electromotive GmbH.

7) The Madrigal Electromotive GmbH owning Los Pollos Hermanos and the industrial laundry. In other words, there’s major financial interest in the working business.

8) Gale sings Major Tom which had me almost laugh myself unconscious. In case somebody missed the freaky original, here it is, performed by Peter Schilling.

9) Hank is even referring to „Nazi Germany“ at the beginning of episode 412.

All coincidences? I don’t think so anymore. If it can’t be avoided, I would love to see real German actors. Come on, they managed to cast native Germans in MAD MEN (epidode 308), and in GAME OF THRONES, the fantastic Sibel Kekilli. It’s nice if their accent are really terrible, but at least their few words said in German are not fake. That matters. And you managed so well with the Spanish talking people, so please don’t let us native Germans down on this one. And as we happen to have great actors, I would like to recommend someone for consideration as a NMN – New Millennium Nazis / finance people, and as a variation on the bad guy dogma – let it be a woman. So far no man was able to bring down Walter White, so it’s only natural to have a female villain bring him down, or more precise: closer to bringing himself down. And there is one particular actress that comes to my mind, that can pull this off easily, without being only an evil-German-Mercedes-BMW-or-Audi-driving-Nazi-lawyer, but also smart and sexy at the same time:

Jeanette Hain. You know her from „The Reader“ as the girlfriend of Liam Neeson in the opening sequence. She is really great, and has a fantastic voice, too.

For your consideration. Or inspiration. Or whatever.

I do feel better now, having it out of my system.

Thanks for reading.

34 Gedanken zu „Walter White vs New Millenium Nazis

  1. Dear JP
    I read your comment to KELLY DIXSON, you wanted to vent, get it out of your system. At first, thought it was disturbing.
    Ruining the best show in television, NAZI’S again.
    Leaving out the „o“ in Gustavo. HERMANOS.
    David Constabile singing TOM. BOY FROM BRAZIL.
    Good thing no ones name is Helga or Eva!
    I just feel like letting it rest! It’s just not a good idea for Vince and his brilliant writers to bring in the NAZI’S.
    Your commercials are excellent. You must be very astute and talented., and hope the last 16 episodes will commence with as much brilliance as the other 4 Episodes.
    Did you see Uncle Tio looking at a family photo with the twins? Looks like there is another brother. I don’t want to guess what they are „cooking“ for the finale.
    You might of overlooked another GERMAN twist. Check out Mike’s last name. It is in the episode where Jessee is driving to that make shift hospital. Very strange name. You didn’t hear it from me.!
    I look forward to the Golden Globes and all the other award shows.!Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul better win them.
    I have invested my time and love for this incredible show.
    Breaking Bad has raised the bar for quality shows.
    Cheers and Happy new year time to break bad

    1. You’re so right, and thanks for adding Mike’s last name („Ehrmantraut“) as another evidence. I just love the show and was playing with the pieces – it’s such a long way to go until season 5…

      Thanks for your kind words on my commercial work, I love the craft of filmmaking. So I can’t overlook and praise the excellent craftsmanship in BreakingBad, from script to broadcast.

  2. Good mornIng JP
    Thank you for your quick response. Along with Mike’s last name , Hank found out the equipment for the lab comes from a German company. You should send your comments to Alan Sepinwall when the show resumes.
    also Maureen Ryan at the Huffington post She is very passionate about BB. David Constable just had a guest appearance as a Judge in Person of Interest and Mark MJargolis was on several shows. At least they let him talk!
    I hope the show resumes before July. AMC has priorities. They think Walking Dead is a winning series. Not watching that ever. What is the song Gale sings? Are you writing from the U.S?
    It’s taken along time for BB to get a good fan base, finally they have many people. I watch season 4 a little. It is so well acted and brilliantly scripted. I look forward to season 5. Am I responding in the correct blog?
    Thank you
    Honey Starr
    Are you writing from the U.S? Also, what is that song Gale sings?
    Thank you
    Honey Starr

    1. Good afternoon Honey Star, as I am writing from Europe, the sun is down here already… We can be lucky if BB starts in July, and not later – 16 episodes is a lot to handle. There were rumors about 2 more seasons, but I think there could be a „break“ mid-season, like with „The Walking Dead“, so they can catch up producing. They are on their limits with deadlines, so we need to be patient.

      I don’t know if I will send my thoughts anywhere else, this blog is essentially the place for it, but thanks for the suggestion. I’ll think about it.

      The song David Costabile (saw him first on „the WIRE“ and then on „Flight of the Conchords“ – he’s brilliant) sings is called „Major Tom“ by PETER SCHILLING, and in it’s original version sung in German – I have a Link to it in the article. Go check it out ;)

  3. U didn’t just think that Gilligan loves Germany or is very intererested in the country and loves to bring things into the show that just have no connection to the story what so eva?!

    1. Oh, that’s totally possible, and I appreciate it – I was just wondering why there’s this big cluster of German references. Maybe it’s by being German myself, which let’s those bits „pop out“ for me, and there’s nothing behind it after all. But on the other hand, what if there is?

      And it shortens the wait for the final season.

  4. Yeah, speculating is always interesting :-)
    Do u think they will bring an entirely new villain into the final 16 episodes?
    Personally I don’t think so. There’s just no time to establish him; introduce him into the show, unless they do it in the very first episode. And if so, I think it has to be someone we already seen (like Mike maybe —> after he found out what happened to Gus and stuff…) and not someone entirely new.
    And when the hell do they (AMC) finally anounce when the Season premieres + if they will split it into two parts; boy, I hope they won’t…

    1. It wouldn’t be hard to establish a new villain – a flashback with Gus and Mike at the very beginning would do it – but I agree, the show doesn’t need one, especially with having the option of Mike returning, who could end up standing between Jesse and Walt. But I have to admit, since I imagined a few scenes with Jeanette Hain in the show, I really love the idea… maybe think of it as an additional flavor.

      I think the focus will be more on how much Walt destroys the ones close to him even further, acting like a cancer himself. He endangered his whole family – and all open threads probably will come to an end:
      – Hank vs. Walt (and the possibly corrupt police)
      – Walt vs. Jesse
      – Tyler being part of the business / death of Ted (which she beliefs was also Walt’s work)
      – Walt jr. finds out what is going on, or trying meth himself…
      – Mike
      – And last but not least: the cancer

      The only thing I’m pretty sure of is, that it’s not the cancer that will put an end to Walt’s life…

      I think AMC will have a similar model like with THE WALKING DEAD, meaning they start in the fall, and make a break for the winter. Yes, this is hard for the fans, but believe me, it’s even harder for the staff to get it done in time. They are at their limits, and it will be worth the wait. That we can agree on ;)

  5. Thx for ur reply dude.

    „The only thing I’m pretty sure of is, that it’s not the cancer that will put an end to Walt’s life…“

    True that brotha! That would be just too simple for such a complex character like Walt.
    Another thing I agree with u is Walt vs Hank. I would be extremly dissapointed if that won’t happen; it has to happen; I mean with Hank snooping around, especially on Gus & when he finds out he was „blown to heaven“ that will make him even more suspicious ond whom might taken him out… A bigger drug king? Maybe Heisenberg himself? ;-)
    But IF Hank finds out about Walt (and in Season 4 he came pretty close, I mean Walt had to stage a car accident^^), it cannot be in the Series Finale. It has to be in the middle of things.
    If AMC decides to use the same model like with TWD, say start in July (they can’t start 2 shows in the same time, BB & TWD) with the first 8 eps and then conclude the series, beginning in January/February then I could live with that. But imagine that they air the first 8 episodes Summer 2012 and the remaining 8 in Summer 2013, almost a year later , that would the be worst case scenario. Best case would be of course if they air all 16 in a row; but yeah, I agree with u that the scedule for the crew & actors would be tight.
    What I wanted to say is if Hank finds out about Walt, it has to be the Cliffhanger between the 1st & the 2nd half of the season.
    I can also imagine Walter Jr. finds out about his Dad. But himself using CM? I dunno…
    „Friend of Walter Jr.: Hey jo, check this out, this is da best shit in town, Crystel Meth, produced from a guy called Heisenberg; Walt finds his son passed out, stone high & asks him what he took… He feels guilty, comides suicide, end of story“ ;-)
    Just kidding.
    Walt vs. Jesse, hmmm…
    Certainly there is going to be something, especially after the last shot of Season 4, with Walt being revealed to have poisened the little Boy. And God, if Jesse finds out about that, he will go nuts and put a bullet in Walts head.
    Who the heck is Tyler :?

    1. But IF Hank finds out about Walt (…), it cannot be in the Series Finale. It has to be in the middle of things.

      Agreed. And really a great cliffhanger for mid season… connecting the clues, finally. And then hunting him down, being alienated in the same way as Walt would make a great finale, too. I mean he has to make the same choice – family or business / job. And where you put your morals, dealing with this kind of situation. Skyler did break bad as well – by the way Tyler is of course a typo of SKYLER. Damn…

      And remember how much Walt jr. is between Hank and Walt, when it comes down to father figures – something that really pissed of Walt, that his son likes the cop more, then his real father. He killed people, too ya know? Even with his own hands (and a bicycle lock) and even knows how to disappear bodies. I think Walt jr. will play a big part in this conflict…

      Talking about Jesse vs. Walt don’t forget poor Jane from Season 2 – and in the episode with the fly in Season 3 Walt almost revealed that he was present when her overdose happened. He manipulated poor Jesse so often… there’s something big to come as well.

      This will be sooo gooood :-)

    1. No „problem“ with that here in Europe, because it starts a week later ;)

      And even if they were, hm, I think I’d prefer BB…

    1. I certainly am, but mainly it’s still the big screen that attracts me – just since more and more great storytelling seems to happen on TV lately, I watch some TV-series, as well. A breakthrough-series for me was THE WIRE, which was the first one to really hook me since TWIN PEAKS, and not mentioning the SIMPSONS or the X-FILES (where I for the first time got in contact with Mr. Gilligan’s brilliant writing).

      On last year I wrote in more detail here – 2011 – but I really like GAME OF THRONES, TREME and MAD MEN. Those really stand out to me. I do watch even more, but those are the ones I stick with. What about yourself?

  6. My favourite TV Series are „24“ (especially Season 1&5, SOOOO awesome), Burn Notice, Smallville (I’m a huge Superman fan, so…), Monk & Prison Break (specifically Seasons 1, this is a masterpiece! The whole idea is sick!). „Lost“ had its genius moments, but its lacking consistence, which is hard with and average of ~19 Episodes per season. These shows I would strongly recomend u watch, if u haven’t done so already. And recently I started catching up on the 2nd Season of „The Walking Dead“.

    1. BURN NOTICE is on my list to check out, and I enjoyed the second season of TWD very much so far. I was skeptical after the first season (amazing pilot, by the way), but now it’s so clear, that they had this weird 6th episode just in case there won’t be a second season. Now they are getting really close on the characters, and the built in variation to the comics is… great. I don’t want to spoil anything there for you. And the „napalm“ image caught my breath…

      But check out DRIVE if you haven’t seen it yet. It has Brian Cranston in it – just to get back on topic here ;)

  7. … and Giancarlo Esposito is staring in a new series called „Once Upon A Time“, which I haven’t checked out yet, but definitely going to…

    I will buy DRIVE on Blu-ray when it comes out here in Germany.

  8. So since you seem to think you know everything why dont you get off your fat ass of the computer and film your own series with female villains and whatever else you have up ur sleeve then we’ll see which show has the highest ratings. Instead of critisizing the show in negative light why dont you appreciate the good and hard work the writters, directors and producers of the show have done so far. Compared to any other shows airing right now, breaking bad is the shit YO! And as for your ideas, it’s too bad it’s not up to you. Or maybe its too good

    1. Hi Tortuga – I honor you for being my official first troll on my blog, welcome!

      Next time read first, before you rant. I love the show and praise whenever I only have a chance to. Besides – my behind is non of your business, but yes, it is out there writing, directing and shooting. So beware.

      If you comment again, feel free to do so, but please: behave.

  9. Its funny because I was considering a German connection to Breaking Bad when I was searching for this although I think you guys have missed out a vital point…

    Remember way back in season 1 there was the storyline with Elliott and Gretchen Schwartz becoming rich off a company that Walter helped create, leading Walter to a life of bitterness? Well it may not surprise you that the name „Schwartz“ is in fact of Jewish/German origin, meaning ‚Black‘ (link to Walter ‚White’/good vs evil?).

    It was also revealed that the Schwartz’s company ‚Grey Matter‘ deals in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and technology, much like Gustavo Fring’s Germany associates‘ company Madridold Electromotive. Link there?

    The last points are tentative but worth mentioning anyway…
    There is evidence of British, American and German soldiers and Hitler himself taking methamphetamine during the war.
    One recipe for methamphetamine is called the ‚Nazi method‘.
    After the war, many Nazis fled to South America to escape war crimes. May link to Gus’s shady past, explain why Don Eladio would not kill him and why he wants to be deadly sure no one finds out about his previous life.
    Walter dramatically dropped the research with Elliot and Gretchen for reasons unknown. Did he discover intentions to create a meth empire explaining why he chose to cook crystal meth during his midlife crisis – as a fuck you to Elliot for stealing Gretchen? Did he discover shady Nazi ties?

    Who knows?????

    1. Holy cow! You blew my speculations out of the water :)

      When I wrote that I completely forgot about the Schwartz‘ connection, which of course fits perfectly into the picture. I definitely have to re-watch the first seasons. Also that her first name is Gretchen – a famous character in Goethe’s FAUST:

      In German, the word „Gretchenfrage“ (literally „Gretchen question“) refers to a question aiming at the core of the issue, often forcing the answering person to make a confession or a difficult decision.

      from wikipedia

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, reading background on even more possible (but unlikely) Nazi background will shorten the wait for the season 5 pilot… amazing what you can come up with, when you only start searching.

  10. Plus this ’new villain‘ you’re talking about may come in the form of Elliot Schwartz. Now that would be a GREAT story arc!

  11. Maybe it is Walter White who would have fit right in in Nazi Germany. Has anyone considered that Walter White is a perfect character study in someone very intelligent and educated who rationalizes all kinds of horrible behavior, like Josef Mengele or any of the scientists high up in the Nazi party in the 30’s and 40’s? Walter White truly believes he is better than other people and things of others as less than human and will manipulate and use them to his own ends.

    1. Well, ok – it took me a while to „see“ what this could be, but I don’t think it is intentional. In the show it’s in motion, right? But it proves the point, that if you start looking for something, you will find evidence… yes, I am talking of you, Higgs particle!

    2. I work on editing video for tv and let me tell you this, nothing but nothing is uncontrolled, you can be certain it was meant to be there, grafittis, posters, music, episode’s name and so on.
      The image above is a ‚Chechov’s gun‘ ressource that Vince Gilligan love to use.
      That kind of tecniques are extremely powerfull, because is filtered out by the brain as insignificant and meaningless but becomes clear later on.

    3. I agree completely when it’s about season 4, where they put one „object“ in each episode, and it played a key role. But I remain sceptical with that screenshot. Let me explain why: Another thing they like doing in BB is looking for unusual perspectives, like from inside the washing machine, through glass and plates during the meth-cooking-process and so forth. I’d put this one shot in that category, and the association as maybe coincidental. Maybe… because I work in editing, too ;)

  12. Stumble upon this from my love on Breaking Bad and things German-related. Greetings from Indonesia. :)

    Amusing read. At least we knew one character, albeit flawed, w/ clearly German name, who fights for the noble cause: Hank Schrader.

    And this might be stretching it: HIGHsenberg does has a point by exercising the possibility that Gilligan just loves things that are German-related. I don’t know whether you’re a manga reader or not, but there’s a famous mangaka (Naoki Urasawa) who is very well known for his insanely-thrilling thriller mangas and seems to just love all things German. One of his best work is set entirely in Germany (and occasionally in Czech), and even in his most German-unrelated stories, he just love to throw in small references to Germany here and there.

    Okay, I digress a little bit. One thing I would love to know is whether the society in Albuquerque is in fact has ties to Germany historically or not. Maybe it just happens that many German-Americans live there? Just like when Scandinavian names splattered around in „Fargo“? Maybe it’s just that simple. (and since I’m not American, I think this is just an honest question :p)

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts! I’ll have a look at that Manga artist, sounds interesting to me – also I like the question, if Albuquerque has ties to Germany. I checked on Wikipedia, and it looks like there’s a sister city in Helmstedt, that’s all.

      Wow, Indonesia… I love how much the love for something (like music, or BB) can bring people together, no matter where they are, or where they’re from. Thank you, Internet, thank you culture, thank you human kind. And thank you, Van Ismail!

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